The main activities of the company "Eurocara-plus" is the sale of Chinese material handling equipment JAC, trucks JAC, as well as repair and maintenance of forklifts Asian and European production.

Основные направления деятельности

The new diesel engine 


  • enlarged diameter cylinders
  • 61 hp
  • environmental class Euro 3
  • reduced noise
  • advanced components (BOSH, ISUZU, HITACHI)
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Modern trucks play an invaluable role as simultaneously perform the functions of several tools. Considering the needs of the Russian market, the company "Eurocar-plus" for many years the consumer market of the Russian Federation provides a very reliable and high quality equipment, namely different types of forklifts. The company is the official distributor of the renowned manufacturer of construction machinery JAC (China) and specializes in selling and servicing, repair of this equipment since 2006.

The main activity of the company - is selling Chinese trucks of different modifications of JAC, as well as warranty service and repair of the machinery, including the repair of European manufacturers. In addition, the company "Eurocar-plus" provides a full range of services related to rental and maintenance of special equipment, including loaders different capacity and function. The lease term is not limited and may be one day or a few months, and more on the basis of the signed contract. We strictly control the process of selecting and supplying equipment to the end customer. All loaders nominated general rules: the reliability and quality of work performance, long service life.

And now in more detail about everything. As already mentioned, the main activity of our company is to sell, warranty service and repair of Chinese trucks. We offer our clients a very wide range of trucks for every taste and price policy. Among the range presented, you can find electric loaders and forklifts JAC, with diesel or gasoline engines, as well as additional equipment for loaders.

Acquisition of special equipment - it is always a difficult choice, in which you should consider the performance, quality, convenience, and other indicators of technology. For a long time the company "Eurocar-plus" supplies to Russian consumers Chinese loaders. Warehouse trucks are constantly updated. In all that time there were no problems with the operation of Chinese trucks. Production company is notorious for producing a technique that works perfectly in all weather conditions, which is an important factor in the choice. Against the background of other special equipment Chinese loaders are allocated qualities such as the high engine power, smooth operation, perfect execution of the tasks of any complexity, high productivity, easy operation and maintenance, and of course - a very attractive price. Despite such high performance, JAC trucks are much cheaper in comparison with the technique of European brands. By purchasing loader in our company, you get a modern, high-quality, highly reliable and unpretentious technique in service at affordable prices.

Chinese handlers - are machines with high performance, low-cost content and a high coefficient of performance that have proven themselves in our situation very well and are in great demand . If you take into account the ratio of "price-quality", the Chinese loaders have no equal in the domestic market.

The second direction of the company - is to rent trucks. Before many buyers face a dilemma: whether to buy a truck for work or cheaper rent them. Rental truck is a very effective alternative to purchasing, which allows you to save considerably, and not only.

Is particularly relevant in the rental trucks when it comes to the implementation of one-off jobs. Indeed, in this case from the point of purchase loader savings is not justified. Also do not forget that behind this technique requires care.

The main advantages of renting trucks in our company to the next. First: the largest park of various modern techniques, which gives the possibility to choose, compare. Second: the possible rental truck with a professional driver-operator. Third, a wide range of duty trucks. Fourth: Forklift Rentals you can take at any time, even for one day. And most importantly, in the case of force majeure, work-related, in our fleet is always a spare wheel. Worry about spare parts for trucks you do not absolutely have to. You also will not see the work and downtime. Leased equipment will operate without interruption, without wasting time and money paid. You'll just have to watch the process.

Before you make your choice, you need to remember that all the trucks are distinguished by technical parameters such as: the type of engine, tires, overall dimensions of the equipment, load capacity, the specific work. If you find it difficult to choose, then you can count on our consultants to know about choosing the trucks and more to help you make the right choice of technology, based on the conditions of its use and the specific work.

Total activity the company Eurocar Plus managed to take a very strong, hands-on leadership position in the domestic market sales, service trucks and open their offices in many large cities of the Russian Federation: Moscow, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Tyumen, Novosibirsk and Saratov. We have the experience and delivery of various trucks in near countries of CIS Kazakhstan (Almaty), Ukraine (Odessa), and Belarus (Minsk). Besides, now being actively developed and European consumer markets: Italy, China. With our company you do not need to worry about transportation technology: delivery trucks produced in any part of the Russian Federation at the lowest prices.

Buying from us, you can be 100% confident in buying high-quality, operational, maintenance and timely execution of orders for purchase of trucks. Each client has for many years developed a personal approach.

Regarding the purchase and rental of forklifts, we are always happy to go to meet the customer by offering a substantial discount, the possibility of deferred payment, leasing. Turning to our company, we guarantee: fast delivery, excellent quality product. Whether they believe that the acquired loaders well adapted to Russian conditions.

Can look at the pages of our website and you will find exactly what you are looking for. See the products as possible and at the annual exhibitions of machinery, which take place in Moscow, Ufa, Samara.

Trucks JAC nice of you will enjoy from the first minutes of use. In addition, the said technology favorably and beautiful design.